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Jul 26, 2008
I KNOW someone here will know the answer - my girls are driving me CRAZY!!

When playing Ener-G Gym Rockets on the Nintendo DS - how the heck do you dismount from the bars???

The girls do fine getting the moves done, but then the top screen comes up and says to draw a circle to build up energy. They draw like crazy but never get any energy, any time you try to do another move, it says "Oops, not enough energy!" and eventually they just hit the start button to exit out without scoring at all.

*I* can't figure it out for the life of me either!! I tried Googling and got literally no hits for it (or for the Imaginenext Ballet Star either, I might add, which my younger one can't figure out the right costumes in, hahaha)

Any help?? thank you!!
my dd got a ds and the game for xmas and I have played with it ,after you do a skill you follow up with making a circle around the girl it will give her energy.
around the girl? Ok, maybe that's the problem then - they are drawing little circles, certainly not around the gymnast! Will give that a try, thanks.
I am glad we're not the only ones having trouble with this! My DS got a DS and Gym Rockets for Christmas and has grown frustrated because of this very problem! Thanks for the tip. :)
YIKES! My DD also got this for Christmas. I am not sure she's played it very long yet, she's had practice almost everyday. She has a meet this weekend and then States next weekend. I will ask her though, she might know.
I've had trouble with this too. As best I can figure, they want a pretty darn near perfect circle, though it doesn't actually matter which direction you do it in. It's frustrating because I try to do it and half the time it counts it as a mistake which blows your bonus.

I really wish this game had come with better instructions.

Yeah, the instructions stink!! Even the tutorials aren't very clear, at least I don't think so.

I did find - exactly as I was told - to draw AROUND the gymnast. To me at least, it seems like it's not so much how perfect the circle is as having your start/stop point meet up. I usually end up doing more ovals than circles and it works.

That said - I can't get a decent bars score to save my life. My DAUGHTERS can but I stink. ;) I hate it when they get me to play and then stand there and laugh... LOL
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