Need advice on changing gyms?

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I have been struggling with idea of switching gyms. My DD loves her gym and it's not bad. There are always little thinsg, but not real issues. My reason to switch is simply because of the drive. It's 30 mintues away and going there 3 times a week is killing me. I stay out there because it just doesn't seem like it's really worth the gas and time driving back home. That makes it's 2 hours in the car a day, if I went back home. I hate staying at the gym. I don't mind watching for a little, but to sit there for 3.5 hours just leads to chatting w/the mom's or going out shopping. I have tried going to gym, getting my nails done, even taken some belly dancing classes durig this time, but I really want to be home and it would make it easier w/my son's activites as well. Also they want her to repeat level 4 for her self esteem. She has anexity issues, but she has done very well placing 1st and 2nd several times this year. I see repeating as waste of year (as she has all her skills and some level 5) and she does not want to repeat, but we would do whatever her coaches think is best.
The gym I would like switch to is only 15 minutes away. Small gym, but seems good. It seems like if she would be 4 again, it maybe a good time to switch and start over at new gym. I don't want to switch and her be unhappy. She is willing as understands the driving issue. One more thing her current gym will have 30 level 4's in the upcoming season , verses the new gym with 8. Any thoughts?:confused:
I would checkout the closer gym at this point, just for the commute reasons alone. As she moves up in levels, her hours & days at the gym will only increase. Putting that much more strain on your family, with you out of the house waiting around at the gym. Unless you could work out a car pool situation, I think a gym closer to your home just makes more sense. As long as that gym is as good or a better fit for your DD. I don't see a problem with repeating L4, especially if she does switch gyms. But remember all gyms have something that someone is unhappy with. The grass isn't always greener(or the mats bluer;)). So do your homework, visit the gym & ask lots of questions. Maybe even before you take DD in for a try out. JMHO. Good luck!
I think there is a lot to be said for being closer to home. As she moves up levels she will be in the gym way more and wil you want to spend 16-20 hours a week at or by the gym? Those are things to consider.

I believe there are lots of clubs out there and you need to find the best fit for your family life and your DD. It is way easier to switch at level 4 than in another 2 or 3 years.

I am a firm believer in smaller groups 30 Level 4 girls is a lot of kids. I understand the gyms rational for this winning and lots of girls drop by level 6. I think some decent gymnasts get lost in this process along the way.

I would have dd try a practice or 2 at the new club and talk with her and then decide. I agree spending another year at level 4 is a bummer but for some girls necessary for growing into themselves and the sport.

Best of luck. There is alot to be said for your mommy intution of the situation of things.
It wouldn't hurt to call the gym closer to your home and ask if dd can come in for a try out with their team. Then it would be a good time to ask lots of questions regarding booster club, monthly tuition, meet/leo other fees etc. Also check out how their teams do at L5 and up. Do they have a decent size optional team(I mean more than 2-3 girls)? Why did you not consider this gym when dd started in gym?

Certainly its easier on everyone to be close to home, but you want dd to be at a gym that has a good solid team program. I agree with you that the current gym having 30 girls in L4 is NOT a good idea. Guess what it comes down to is if you make the switch make sure the only plus is not just less driving time.
Thanks for all the advice. It is so helpful to hear from others. The gym we are considering just moved closer to us last year, so it was not in the consideration at that time.
Oh what to do. I think I will give them next week and check it out be my DD does.
I would switch, I have seen alot of gyms with alot of level 4's but 30 that's crazy. Plus the more she moves up the more hours and the more x a week you'll be driving there.
Having just went through gym changing, but for different reasons, I feel for you having to even think about going through a gym change.

My daughter is also a level 4 and at her new gym will be repeating level 4. Had she stayed at her old gym, she would have moved to level 5. I know she would have loved it, but not sure she would have done well with the way they coach there. It will be hard to always wonder if she would have done well this year at level 5, but we made the decision and are hoping it was the best.

I definitely would consider a change personally because of the long drive. I love being able to drop her off, go home and cook dinner, spend some time with my 3 year old and still make it back in time to see a little bit of her practice.

I totally get ya on the large group thing as well. DD was in a group of 23 level 4s and it was just way too many, especially since about half didn't even have their level 4 skills. She will be in a group of 9 or so at her new gym and I think that will work out well.

Definitely have her try out the new gym and see how it feels for both of you. Good luck!
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