Need advice on what kinds of things to ask at Gym Meeting

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Mar 5, 2008
North America
Our gym is having a Parents Organization meeting tonight and I was wondering what kinds of questions I should ask. We are mainly going to talk about fundraising, but if the opportunity arises, what other things should I be asking and concerned with, if any? I am new to gymnastics and our old cheer gyms never really had "Parent Organizations".

Any advice would be appreciated!!! Thanks!!


Jul 5, 2007
It's hard to say because it probably depends on your gym. Some gyms have really involved and organized parent organization and in some gyms it's not so much and in some you're kind of on your own. Generally seems to be correlated to team size as well.

I would look over the info they give you when you go in and see what comes to mind. Some have a separate website from the gym or a link from the gym website so you could check and see if there is any info online. I can't think of too many general things that would usually not be explained at an initial meeting. Fundraising is usually the main purpose of parent organizations/booster clubs in gymnastics, so they might not cover too much more. If your gym runs a meet or puts on another big event, they might go over a volunteer schedule or say you have to volunteer so many hours. If the gym is very organized with their leos and warm-up packs they might go over that stuff...mine never was and we kind of just got stuff as it came separately.

The parent meetings mostly went over fundraising and reviewed the handbook rules, and if there was a problem with that level (ours went by level not the entire team) then they might say something but it really just depended on the year. It wasn't really the place for specific questions about your child or gymnastics though.


Proud Parent
Jul 11, 2008
I think you should find out if this is going to be a meeting to start putting a real booster club together for your club. If that is the plan then there are lots of things your group will have to do. If there isn't going to be a full booster club then you should ask if they are aware of the legal and tax implications of doing fund-raising without one. (Laws about this vary from state to state)
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