Need Beam Fairies for cartwheel

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Jun 21, 2010
North America
Does anyone have some beam fairies they can send my daughter's way? She cannot seem to land her cartwheel on beam and has gotten to the point where she dreads beam during practice. Her first meet is coming up and I would love if she could just land a few before then (just to help her know that she can). Thanks! I promise to send them back. :)
Oh my... that cartwheel is hard! It took my DD about half-way through the season before she started sticking them in competition. I think the level 6 BWO is... well, if not easier, at least easier to do consistantly, if that makes sense. At least it seems that way for my DD. So anyway, I am sending you the beam fairies that were in attendance the SECOND half of my DD's level 5 season. The ones from her first few meets were sleeping on the job.
sending them your way!! Please send them back...DD's first L5 meet is 10/16 and her cartwheel is only there about 1/2 the time...good luck to your DD!
I hope they find their way to you - but when they've worked their magic can you send them to England please? DD having trouble with the same skill, first foot always on the beam, second foot always off the side - some nasty bruises :(
tell her to try looking through / between her arms to watch her first foot get on. When she gets second foot on press hell into beam and squeeze her butt. Also - keep her arms on her ears coming up, lots of kids drop them to the side & causes them to lose balance.
thanks - I'll pass it on - it's driving her crazy - and although she enjoys beam she's also starting to dread it because of the cartwheel
Fairies made their appearance last night! She landed 2 cartwheels on the high beam. We're going to keep a fairy around for a bit to see if she can land some more tonight and next week before her first meet but are sending the others onward as I know there are other gymnasts needing those fairies this time of the year! Thank you!!
My DD needs the fairies, but not for a while - send them in January! ;)

She's almost afraid to try, even with the beam expander on low beam - I can see the hesitation - she isn't really going for it with gusto. But beam is her nemesis. She'll try anything on bars and floor.
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