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Sep 7, 2008
I'm looking for a good choreographer and we are willing to travel.

My daughter is a 9 year old who will soon be competing level 7. Most of our girls have the same jr coach make up their routine - they all look the same....and are not what I'd call inspiring. Our only other option is a woman 2.5 hours away that does really 'classical' routines. My daughter is small and bouncy and those classical 'older' routines don't really suit her.

We would like to try someone 'on the outside' :). Does anyone have any names or email that they could give me? We are on the east coast and are happy to travel anywhere within a 3 hour or so airplane ride.

Our coach will add in the tumbling when we return so we just need the dance choreography parts.

Thanks for your help!
Are there any dance schools around? You could get one of their choreographers to do it. Or any colleges with dance or other art programs? Maybe one of the students would be interested in doing it for a bit of cash.
We had a coach form a college team this summer at the gym. She did the routines for the girl that needed new ones. If you have a college gymnsatics team near you call and ask the coachsfor suggestions. I am sure some of the college gymnasts would be willing to do one for your daughter. The girls that did ours wrote really cool routines unlike any other we have. Just get a copy of the dance moves that are needed off USAG. Good luck.
Aw, I love choreographing first time optional routines for younger girls! I have several from my gym that I am doing this year. What is your daughters music, or has she not selected yet? Routines are nice at that age because they CAN do cute, bouncy routines and look just adorable!

I wish I could help, but I am probably too far away to be of any service. But if you need help with music... I have several ideas for the younger gymnast!
Not open for further replies.