For Parents Need floor fairy or at least her assistant!

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Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
Whoever has the floor fairy, can you chat with her and send her our way?
DD started L4 in December. All the other "new" L4's now have their roundoff backhandspring on floor and she is still struggling. She is scared of the whole flinging herself backwards thing. She can do it fine w/ a spot but generally avoids it and will not try it w/o a spot. We had a private last week and she did 3 in a row on the tumble trak w/o a spot! So that was progress...but that was also with HC standing right there watching. In practice she tends to just avoid trying it on her own. I think now, she may have enough confidence to try it on her own some more, at least on tumble trak.

But we have only 3 weeks before her one and only "big" meet this season...and she needs, needs, needs to get it on floor beforehand!

It just seems so darn hard for her.

I just think she needs a little more confidence and a little fairy dust!:eek:


Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
Will she/can she do it with a very light spot? Maybe if it is just confidence rather than skill, a coach can stand next to her "pretending" to be spotting and not actually touch her until she gets her confidence?


Sending the floor fairy your way:)! Those backhandsprings can be intimidating, but once they get past the fear and learn them, watch out! That is all they will want to do!

Hey, maybe you can send the bar, or should I say KIP fairy our way!
Nov 5, 2007
Sending the floor fairy your way.Once she feels confident about the bhs she will not stop doing them.
Mar 5, 2008
North America
My dd is going through the same thing--you are not alone! She will get the skill and the confidence that goes with it sure enough. I will send the fairies your way after I am done with them for tomorrow!!!! LOL

Good luck to your dd!!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Sending out ROBHS fairies to her. It is a scary skill for sure. I can't imagine even wanting to try one. LOL. DDs friend at gym has a GORGEOUS standing BHS, but she is fearful of connecting it to the RO as well. She is such an amazing gymnast, I keep waiting for it to just click with her. It is so hard to watch them work so hard and struggle, even when they aren't your kid. I think that some kids really have to know deep down that they can do it before they can just go for it. Though I think I would rather see my kid NOT do things than just do them and land on her head sometimes (that was a scary phase, back head springs, LOL).

I agree though, watch out...once they get it, they will try it anywhere. I caught my DD doing them on CONCRETE (and her dad was right there letting her do it) and she is always doing them in the sand or grass. Freaks me out.

Hope she gets it before her big meet!


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
Sending the ROBHS fairy your way. Last year my DD seemed to land on her head w/bent elbows the whole season. The worst was she didn't care, so that made me even more nervous that she didn't have just a little fear and a little caution, LOL! However, it gets better I promise. We also tried one private but between you and me it really did nothing. Time, practice and patience was what made them improve. Maybe having the HC there or some spotting is just for some added confidence right now. Pretty soon she will be flipping them everywhere & hopefully in 3 weeks at her big meet.
Jan 22, 2008
Good luck, I am sending the RBHS fairy your way. To get DD confidence I had her play with a wedge mat and had her take one step back and do BHS till she was at the bottom and then had her take one step back and she was 100% on the floor. She did it and then a Lev 5 coach pretty much dared her to try a RBHS. She tried and tried with out a spot and on the 4th tried she did it. She hasn't stopped yet.

Now they Lev 5 coach is challanging our L4 with standing tucks in warm up. DD is the only new l4 that has attempted and the coach says she is very close. DD is one of those that won walk away from a dare so to speak.


Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
All right, the fairies are not quite here yet but maybe they are on their way...she did a great job at practice trying to connect them w/o spot on tumble trak (fell on her belly...OUCH) and did many good standing bhs on a resi-pit. We're getting closer and she isn't looking as scared/reluctant. Thanks to all for the head-landing stories, she is terrified of landing on her head and I read these to her and I think it made her feel better.

I am having a party the day she gets it on her own (hoping it will be in the next 3 weeks;)!)
Feb 15, 2008
I wish your daughter lots of luck and confidence! My daughter was the last person on her team to get her ROBHS. She did not get it until 1 week before her first L4 meet. She'll get there!


Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
Thanks, vmom. My dd is the last one too. It is hard on her (and me:eek:)! She has to go to the pit and practice while the other girls are doing theirs.
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