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Aug 19, 2010
My son competes in Championships in a couple weeks and he hurt himself doing high-bar. I don't think it was a true injury on high-bar but the symptoms became obvious while on high-bar. He can't grip with his right hand. When he touches his thumb to his index finger, pain shoots up his arm into his neck. He has been icing his forearm a bit but we really don't know what else to do. Anything else you recommend we try? We haven't seen a doctor for this yet as we thought it was just strained and a couple days of icing would cure it. It hasn't gotten better. Unfortunately we really don't have a sports medicine doctor right now.

He broke his foot in June so is just back to doing floor and vault and now those are the only events he can do. :(
Oh, wow, I am so sorry! This is really unfortunate. It sounds like a nerve injury to me, and I'm afraid the only advice I have is to get him in to see a neurologist ASAP. My DD had a nerve injury related to a broken arm, and these things can heal without surgery, but they take time.
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I agree it may be a nerve problem. Try and get a nerve conduction test. It could be in the shoulder, elbow or carpel tunnel (my impingement was in the wrist)
Good luck!
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I made an appointment with an Orthopedic who is out of the same office as the doctor we see for foot and ankle injuries. The appointment is with a general orthopedic that we could get into on Monday. I'm also going to try to get an appointment with a neurologist. The Neurologist we have used specializes in concussion but I feel we have a better chance getting into him quickly as we won't be a new patient. Ugh!!
Sounds like something is pinching when he moves that way. Glad you made an appointment. I would try stretching the hand and wrist. I’m sorry. That really stinks for him especially after just getting back.
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Oh no! He has just had a tough run of it.

D has some forearm issues that cause grip issues. It was forearm splits (Dx). Accupuncture worked wonders. (of course, breaking your foot cures it too....temporarily.) I truly hope it is something easy like that!

Let us know what they say!
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Per our chiropractor, it is a pinched nerve in his neck. He is improving but grip is still too weak for p-bars. Hopefully he will be close to 100% when we are in Boston!!

Last Thursday I called to make the doctor appointments. We got an appointment for Monday in the Orthopedics office of doctors we have seen before and trust but could only get an appointment with a doctor we didn't know. I also called to make an appointment at UofM's MedSport clinic. We have gone there for concussions in their NeuroSport department. That center has a large PT center so thought they could quickly get him going on any PT type treatment he would need. Well when I explained what was going on, they transferred me to the Hand and Wrist specialist department. They told me I had to take Michael to the ER to get checked and then the ER would provide a referral. They told me ER could run the tests and quickly get him started on treatment. That was so not the case. We spent all evening Thursday evening in ER to be told that they could only x-ray him and they don't think it is a broken bone. They did give me 2 referrals - one for regular MedSport and one for Hand and Wrist specialist. With the referrals, we were able to get appointments for Monday morning.

We already had an appointment scheduled with the chiropractor for Friday. When Michael saw him, he told us it was a pinched nerve in the neck. He adjusted Michael and told us to ice and rest. By Sunday evening Michael was seeing quite a bit of improvement so he had me cancel the doctors appointments. By Tuesday he was able to do all events except p-bars. He is sick right now (tired and very congested) so yesterdays practice didn't go very well. He stayed home this morning in hopes to feel better for afternoon practice. Praying that everything is better soon!!
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