Need Help! Jump to High Bar Again!

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Jul 17, 2009
I'm sorry, I've already asked this question but I still need help. I am scared to jump to the high bar. The bars are the perfect distance for me, they do not need to be moved in. I don't even know why I'm scared. I do not think about the negative things that could happen, I just get scared whenever I have to try it. Lots of smaller girls on my team can do it. I might be able to do it if the resi mat was underneath, but I can't use it anymore, they put it in the pit. Please help, I want to get it in time for the first meet. I feel like I could be a wonderful gymnast if I could just get this skill.
You'll get it - just be patient with yourself and keep working!
Do you feel better if a coach stands next to you while you jump? This helped me when I was getting over my fear following a fall. I also feel better jumping from a squat-on than a spider-up, just because there's less contemplation time.
Try setting up a half hour private session with a coach to work specifically on this.
If you have a choice of coaches go with the one that you most comfortable with.
We did this for our daughter and the half hour private session is totally worthed to help her overcome her difficulties. Even to our surprise she picked the coach that is not her regular coach. That coach was only substituting one time for her level but my daughter felt totally comfortable working on the specific skill that she had to overcome with this coach. Good luck and I know you will overcome it.

I completely understand. I had the same problem, but don't get frustrated with yourself because I find that makes it worse. Just remember it's you and the can do anything. After a few times of getting it, you won't think twice.
Not open for further replies.