Need help with back handspring

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i dont do gymnastics but hopefully within this year my parents will sign me up.
i need help with my backhandsprings and back walkovers.
for the backhandspring i would rather be able to do a roundoff than a backhandspring, i think itd be easier because i have a powerful roundoff but whenever i try i cant get myself to flip over. i think im scared of the fact that im going backwards. any tips?
and for the walkover i can lean back and go down to a bridge and i can even stand up right out of the bridge i just cant get my legs over my head.
any tips?

thanks so much guys : )
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May 3, 2007
I suggest you take a gymnastics class to teach you how to do a backhandspring. This really sounds like a broken arm looking for a place to happen.


I agree with GymMom68. I think your best bet would be to find a gymnsatics, or better yet, a tumbling program to get involved in. As far as your bridge goes, work on doing your bridge and trying to get your shoulders/ armpits to stretch beyond your hands--this'll help with the shoulder flexibilitiy. Also, trying doing a backband (bridge) kickover starting with your feet up on something, like the couch.

As far as backhandsrpings go, defintley keep those to a gymnastics/tumbling setting for saftey reasons.
well you might think you have a really powerful roundoff, but if you go stright up thats not good. you have to push off your hands and turn your feet over.

as for back walkovers, try to put your oppisite leg up(if your right handed, your left leg) and then your other leg farther in. try to put your head over your hands, imagin that someones pulliung at your armpits. then pull your hips over when you kick over.

good luck =]


Try to connect the back handspring out of a handstand snap down/through.

Simply kick to a handstand with your hands higher than the ground, like a panel mat. Ideally kick past handstand into an arch. As they come down to the ground, push off the panel mat. This simulates the exit part of a round off. Try to connect the back handspring.

You should first learn how to do handstand snapdown to straight jump from the rebound. Another good one is to do it to a stack of mats or porta pit behind the rebound area or an octagon barrel.

This will teach how to connect the backhandspring out of something.

And as said before, you need a round off that turns over with backward momentum.


I would not be trying a RO-BHS without being able to do a standing BHS first. You don't want to be using the RO to cover for technique issues on your BHS. I would also recommend practicing these in a gym with a coach. I'm worried about safety if you just try them in your backyard without proper technique.
Jan 22, 2008
I have to say with out proper spotting you should not be trying these skills. I would recommend enrolling in a back Handspring clinic or something. Our gym does them once a month for 15.00. I have to be honest, it just isn't safe to be trying these skills with our proper supervision and spotting.

As for the back walkover I would work on your back bend and kicking over and get that down. Many times during our clinics this is a skill that is covered too. Good luck and be SAFE
Feb 28, 2008
My dd has had her back handspring but she lands like a frog. Legs are never together. Is there anything I can do with her at home?? She has been doing this since last summer.

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