Need help with my Aerials! Please Help!

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Jan 3, 2017
Ok, i used to be able to do an aerial a few months ago (in May-June) . But at the end of June when i tried an aerial at my friends house, my knee cramped for some reason, and it was really sore. The pain calmed down after 2 minutes or so, and me being silly, decided to try again. The same thing happened. (It was my muscle on the left of my left knee). After that i stopped doing aerials, but whenever i tried a back handspring, i was fine. So after Summer (i didn't do it all summer) i was doing a leg kick and my knee muscle cramped again. Whenever i try a leg kick after that i''m fine. I really want to try my aerial again but i am scared of my knee cramping (it is REALLY sore when it happens). I have flat feet, does that have anything to do with it? Thank you SOOOOO much for your time, if you have any suggestions as to what might be causing it please reply. Thanks x:)
Well, you could try it on a trampoline/ tumbl trak but I really agree that if you think you are hurt you should see a doctor
We're not doctors here. A doctor can tell you what the problem is. Do you have a coach, or go to a gym? The input of a qualified doctor, and a qualified coach, will probably be very useful to you!
Aerials do put more stress on the knee and ankle joints than other skills like back handsprings. You are landing with your whole body weight on one leg, and if the landing angle is incorrect it can cause very serious damage (even life long injuries).

This is not something you should just be trying, aerials are one of those skills that kids often think is safe to throw at home because they think they can just out their hands down if it goes wrong, but it is not that simple. Just trying aerials is a bad idea and trying to self teach aerials is a very bad idea because incorrect angles will then become a habit.

This is something you need to do with your coach, so they can check your take off, trajectory, landing and physical preparation.

Flat feet can cause knee pain and knee problems. Your knees will be taking pressure to work at the wrong angle, I suggest you see a physiotherapist for an overall evaluation. They can give you exersices to strengthen your arches and knees to help with these issues.
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