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May 21, 2008
Does you gym have a bulletin board of the team in the waiting room? If so, what is on it? Do they post meet scores on it? Do they do a gymnast of the month, etc? Any photos?

We are trying to decide what to do.

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
We have a team board right next to the main door into the gym. Right now, we have some new moms taking over to keep it looking fresh and updated. They have the team pics from last season----soon to add the L5/6 team pics for this season. Then they have team books(not sure what to call them). Each has a little bio on each girl along with a professional pic of her in her meet leo. They are set up so you can flip through each team. They haven't been posting meet results. Thats usually discussed at booster club meetings. They do post the meet schedule for the season and the meet schedule for the next meet coming up.

I think they have some plans to put up some info about states for our compulsory girls. We don't do anything like gymnast of the month---I could see that leading to some hurt feelings(real or imagined)


Posting all scores of 9.0 on a string hung at the ceiling (hang it like a clothesline only way up to the top of the wall and zigzag it from side to side) is a lot of fun for the team can buy different shapes at a teacher supply store (like pumpkins for a halloween meet, turkeys for a thanksgiving time meet, etc). each of the team level moms are responsible for recording the name, event and score on one of the shapes and then hanging it on the string with tiny clothespins, after each meet.
Not open for further replies.