need kip drills

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I work alot of glides over and over again. If they don't have a good glide than they wont be able to kip.

I also do a drill where I hold their feet and do three glides and then on the 3rd they have to pop/pull to a front support (similar to an uprise I guess) It teaches the feeling of a pull with straight arms.

My other drill is on the mats. They lay down on their backs and put their arms up and their toes by their arms (as if they are holding a bar) and then they have to snap/pull and land in a sitting position.

These drills have worked great for me in the past, remember though Kips take time :)
also, for strength and shoulder motion, anything that makes them lift up and over something (think muscle up on rings, or pull up + over a bar) will generate that feeling of shoulders over the bar, and how to "pop" over the top. However, the video is one of the best out there.
The only real idea I have for kips is an old one...more strength.

Yup. Most kids struggling still can't bring and hold their legs to the bar well enough to end up on top of the bar. If they can't even do the motion of a drop kip and pull back (i.e. a lot of kids swing down and "peel" their legs off the bar without even any pull back) then they aren't nearly strong enough (or they have no idea what they're doing). Then coaches say they don't want to do it "because it's too hard/they can't do it"...well.
Here are a handful that I make my girls do....

-Pike forward Rolls- I use a small cheese mat, make them keeps legs and arms straight and cant bend their legs to get up.
-Floor kips with floor bar- go through the motions while laying on the floor
-Blocks- arms straight and tight hitting the bar before the glide
-Pike hang holds (lower shin against bar)-hang with straight arms, pike toes up to bar, then use strength to slide shins up bar keeping everything straight and tight **This is hard, I give them a bit of a hand on this one**
-Floor glides with slider- We have a small bar and have the girls put a frisbee (or something that moves on the floor) at their feet and glide
-Glide swings
-Blocking glides
-L-sit pullovers- sit in L-hang and pullover
-Jump to support with straight arms

Hope this helps!

Aside from all the drills posted here.. i think the most important bits to the kip are
1- Strength, you need in my opinion at least 3-4 good leg leg lifts before you should be working on spotting kips
2- Work glides and drop kips to DEATH!!! get both reallllly good (even if they can't do the drop kip but can understand it and when you are spotting them you can feel they understand there is a timing issue, and that they can keep the feet to bar by self)
3- V-hangs for time with weights + L-hang, leg lift, shoot up to hollow hold (like the bottom of the backhip circle)

These are the key things...only after they can do that, i will start spotting kips all together. I personally will use a few drills just to teach transfer of momentum, and shoulder flexion (closing of the shoulder, and i know that some of you will call that extension)... Walla... You need to be strong to get the timining, but you don't need a great deal of strength once you have the timining.. that is the issue.
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