Need Level 5 Vault Drills??

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Sep 3, 2005
There are tons, here are a few:

  1. Front tucks off a spring board with full run to work on speed and steps.
  2. Take a couple steps...arm circle...rebound and land back where you started from (jump forwards onto the board and rebound backwards off of it
  3. Arm circle kick to handstand and block (bounce). Do this on the floor.
  4. Front handspring to back on stacked mats.
  5. Front handspring to back on stacked mats that are higher than the table.


Try working on some Donkey kicks (bounce to handstand, driving heals--repeat). That's a great drill for teaching gymnasts how to drive their heals. Make sure they keep an open shoulder angle when doing them though, so they're not sagging and arching.

Work on running skills in general: sprinting, arm position, single-leg, endurance running, etc.
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