WAG need MAJOR help with split jump/split leap/switch leaps

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Nov 26, 2013
Okay, I know this might sound a little confusing. Regardless of who I ask at my gym, no one really understands what my issue is.

I have both my left and right splits, my right is definitely stronger though.

I can do a RIGHT split jump to probably 160
My left split jump is a mess...like it doesn't happen at all.

However......I need to get these leaps or switch leaps for my floor routine.

Now the WEIRD problem is....you would think that my right split leap would be better. However, I can hardly even move my legs up. I have oversplits and an almost full split jump so I'm not sure why on my stronger side this is such an issue. I can't even get my front right leg 1ft off the ground.

So my LEFT split leap will get to about 120, I can get my front leg up completely but still have trouble with my back leg.

In conclusion

Right: Solid split jump, absolutely NO split leap
Left: NO split jump, probably 1/2 solid split leap

Has anyone ever encountered something like this? Any tips? Sorry if this is extremely confusing, but it has been driving me crazy for months now and I really need a solid leap! I am so confused.
This is not weird at all. ;)
I'm a righty too, but I will do leaps with my left leg in front. Why? Because flexibility is only one factor in a split leap. What you are missing is the leg strength.
Passive flexibility (working splits) and active flexibility ( leaps/jumps) are two entirely different things.
There are millions of drills for leg strengthening and tighter legs, however too much or the wrong muscels can also limit flexibility.
So my first impuls as a coach would be to work on the issue itself and send you to do sets of split jumps on the trampoline.
Maybe some of the more expirienced coaches on the board can offer you some more effective drills.
So I am not sure why you are having this problem since you can do split jumps with your right leg (its hard to say without actually seeing you do them), but regardless, I have some exercises that I make my high school girls do if they need work on their split/switch leaps... I am going to explain it as best as I can...

So you start by standing up straight and either resting one hand on a beam or mat that is somewhere between hip and shoulder height OR resting your hand against the wall. Then you put one leg in front so that it is lightly touching the ground, and you raise it all the way up so that it is parallel to the ground do both slow and fast reps, and do it on both legs. Also, do it so that you kick backwards (put one leg behind you so that your toe is lightly touching the ground and kick it up behind you). Remember to keep your legs straight (especially on backwards kicks), point your toes, keep your chest up, and keep your base leg (the one that's on the ground) straight the whole time. This is the motion you use for both switch and split leaps.

Hope this helps!
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