Need my wrist to heal in 7 days...

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Basically i sprained my right wrist yesterday doing a double back handspring. :( I was doing my first bhs when i realized i was going to hit either my coach or the wall and i bailed out and landed on the back of my wrist and kind of rolled out. I'm right handed so my typing is not going to be very good today.
I didn't have enough room to do it because some idiot left a huge stack of mats in one corner.

I have an end of year show this thursday and it's really important to me because i want to be able to show the coaches that i'm good enough to be invited on team. Otherwise they will not notice me...

If anyone has any tips for fast healing that'd be great. I've been icing it and putting topricin (not sure how to spell that) on it but it's still kind of swollen and pretty stiff. thanks
contrast showers. hot water for a short interval, cold water. switch about 3x

stretch as you can but don't put any pressure on it like a HS or CW. rest till they day before.

it would still be a good idea to do workout until then as the neuroendecrine response will help healing. you can do stuff like squats, lunges, vups, superman rocks, etc
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