Need some good home conditioning exercises for off gym days

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Mar 5, 2008
North America
My dd has officially started her Level 4 gymnastics practices 2 days a week for 3 hours each day (a total of 6 hours). She loves it by the way!!!:)
This past year she has been doing some home conditioning and stretching for her cheerleading, but I was wondering if there are some other things she should be doing at home for gymnastics. We do the usual stretching of splits-right, left, middle, push-ups, crunches, pull-ups...
Are there any other good gymnastics specific exercises that she can do at home?
Anything would be great!!!
Thanks so much!!!
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Mar 4, 2008
Our experience has been to find fun things to do outside of the workout realm. Our DD has at times gotten a bit burnt with a continual workout program at home but we have found that swimming for example is great (Great muscle workout, cardio and as a bonus to swim the correct way you have straight legs and pointy toes)! We also have a climbing wall at our local Y and it is a huge upper body workout. Anyway, our experience has been to find some fun stuff out of the normal routine and the stretches at home are great to do. You might also check with your DDs Coach and see if they can recommend some ankle stretches! Have fun!
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Awesome!! That's funny because that is what we did on Saturday--I took the kids to Lifetime Fitness to go swimming because they were bored!! They also have a rock climbing wall there and classes that I was going to sign them up for as a fun different thing to do. My son, who is 6, is taking gymnastics classes as well and really seems to enjoy it. He is very active so giving him a wide variety is key to keeping him interested! Like you said, I don't want my dd to get burnt out, so maybe if I give her activities to do like swimming and rock climbing, she is still conditioning but in a fun and different way!!
Thanks for the ideas!

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Many of the coaches on this forum warn about over conditionig. Really, if she is doing some strength work during practice, she shouldn't need any structured program at home. She certainly is ahead of the game with her conditioning from cheerleading.

I would say if she's totally bored and bugging you, then the exercises you mentioned she had done for cheer would be fine. Also, you can never do enough handstands(really focus on good form). Otherwise, just keep the gym at gym as much as possible. As was mentioned swimming is great. My gymmie likes to go for long bike rides---good cardio and not much pounding.
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