Need to get my kip on high uneven bar

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Oct 20, 2009
I reeeeeeeally need to get my kip on high uneven bar! my first meet in in one month.
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Do you have your low bar kip? I know my dd struggled with the high-bar kip, too and found that if you really swing out after catching the high bar, the momentum helped her get that kip. Just keep practicing, it will come! :) Good Luck!!
Sep 19, 2008
It's kinda hard to help you without any details on where you're at.

Also, I've actually experienced the opposite -> try to swing with less momentum... kind of drop down into your swing, instead of swinging as you would in a tap. But that pretty much depends on height as well. If you'Re short and have to really jump to catch the high bar you're forced to do a pretty big swing or it'll feel weird.
Oct 20, 2009
replying to both of my replys

I'm sorry I didn't give you any details, I'm in level 5, im 4 feet 11 inches tall and yes I do have my kip on the low bar.
I will try the big swing idea, I go to gymnastics tonight.
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Jan 4, 2008
I agree with grizzoline. Often the reason why the high bar kip isn't working is because there is too powerful a tap swing in front of it. It needs a different type of swing to the long hang pullover or giant.

When you jump to high bar try to keep your feet behind you for longer and dont do a hard tap swing. I have found that many kids have gotten it straight away when they try this.


I teach the high bar/uneven high bar kip using what I call a "tap-less" swing. No, this isn't the same thing girls tend to use as their flyaway tap till level 8/9.

Ideally, I want a nice hollow in the back swing and from there it stretches out like a glide swing.

Maybe though, I should have one of my boys try it from a regular tap swing just so he can get up there.
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