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Feb 16, 2009
ON, Canada
Hi everyone,
A coach and friend at my gym has entered a Hallowe'en house decorating contest and we are trying to get as many votes for her as possible so I thought who better to ask then my friends at the CB!
If you go here (it should take you to "The House Has Eyes":

HYH: Contestant Details

1. Click vote which will take you to a page to register your email address
2. Register your email address (you can do as many as you have!)
3. You will be taken back to "The House Has Eyes" where you can vote once
4. Once you have voted make sure you check your email because you must confirm your email address in order for your vote to count.

Again please use as many email addresses as you or your friends and family have to help support my friend! And don't forget to verify your account!

Let me know if you voted!

Thank you so much for your help, I appreciate it so much!
Not open for further replies.