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Jan 15, 2023
I have by first meet in 5 years tomorrow. I joined mid-season and am currently slated to do one meet. My vault is solid. My bars was, but then I lost my grips, so I had to break in new ones today. My floor routine is self choreographed and doesn’t end exactly on the music. My beam is by far the simplest of my events and we changed the routine two days ago. We were unsure about a rule pertaining to my acro, so we switched a skill. The dance parts remain the same, I just had to shuffle it. Now I keep getting myself confused about where I need to start to do the routine right. During practice today, I was so focused on that, I forgot to do my full turn. When I hit it, it’s a high 8 routine, when I don’t, I also lose SV points and it becomes a 7.

My anxiety is rising. I’ll be fine tomorrow, I’m good at day of nerves (theater kid), but I can’t calm myself down right now.
It went really well! Above 9s on everything, I blew my old records out of the water. My floor music wasn’t stopped on time, but I ad-lived for second and got a 9.3. I hit my beam routine as well. It was a great first meet back. After my vault (my last event) my coach was really sweet. He asked me how my first meet back felt and said that it was an honor to coach me.
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