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I am a mom to a 10 year old Level 7 and a 6 year old new Level 4. We are excited for our upcoming season. We are always looking for new ideas and drills to help acquire new skills. Thanks for letting us join!!!
Hey and welcome :) You have come to the right place for new ideas and new friends! Make sure you join the parents group so you can talk to all the other moms on here!
Welcome to Chalk Bucket!
We have lots of parents here who are willing to offer their imput on any questions you may have, so Im sure you will like it!
Welcome Redegym. You certainly chose the right forum. Lots of gymnasts, parents, and coaches, not to mention the anonymous observers. They count too... kinda.

10 yo L7? I'm always so impressed when folks post this. My 9 YO is L3. Y'all must have signed up for the Turbo classes. Mine can't wait to get into L4's. She's dying to advance.

I look forward to reading your posts.

Not open for further replies.