New Ankle Injury

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I haven't been on the forum in a long time since I've been so busy getting into teaching more fitness classes, pilates reformer and personal training inaddition to trying to step up my gymnastics training. I was planning on coming online and telling all of you the good news about landing a job as an acrobat performing at the new theme park in myrtle beach called freestyle music park but I guess Ill be reporting bad news instead. I went for my audition on sunday and was almost done and they were ready to hire me. I was on cloud nine and then they had me try a backtuck into a fronttuck on this extremely bouncy trampoline and I overrotated my fronttuck and tried to land on my feet and dislocated & broke my right ankle. my foot was next to my leg. It scared me half to death & everyone else. Next think I knew I was being transported by helicopter a distant hospital to see an orthopedic surgeon because they were afraid of losing my foot. Well the good news is my foot is back in place and attached with a bolt. Bad news is I'm going to be in a cast for the next 6 weeks and then I don't know how long until I'll be back to gymnastics. I'm hoping by July but probably hoping for too much.
oh no kylie! i'm so sorry... :( that's awful!! i know how bad it can be to go from doing so great in gym. to being injured and not being able to do anything. hang in there! do as much conditioning as you can without your ankle, and try not to get discouraged! wishing you a speedy recovery
Oh Kylie that is horrible!! Take it easy! Well minus you trying to sever your foot off, I am glad your audition otherwise went well. Would they still consider you after you are better? I hope everything works out for you!!!!
wow, sorry to hear that. you are going to have to find an ankle weight for the other leg for your conditioning and bars. when my ankle was messed up, i tried bars with ankle weights... i was so sore i could barely move the next day.
Thanks all of you for your support. I'm having a little trouble coping with all of this but I know I have to rest so I can get all better. They even had to let me go from my new job since I wasn't able to work 5 consecutive days. Anyway I was wondering what you meant, Katy, about working bars with ankle weights. Do you mean doing that while I have my cast on or after it comes off. When do you think I will be able to get back to the gym and start conditioning and doing some bars again? I am going to go to the doctor tomorrow and ask about some of those things too.
as soon as your ankle stops hurting when you are moving around with your cast you can start conditioning. i bet a one pound ankle weight for your other leg will help balance you out so it isn't hard for your back/hips etc. ask your dr. how much your cast weighs.
it might take a week or two before you can do bars because of extra movement. stay on the low bar and work on your form for cast, pull overs, back hips, front hips and kips.
look on the bright side, with all of this extra weighted conditioning, you'll have a six pack for bikini season!
Oh no! How awful, Kylie! :( I'm sorry to hear that. It's such a pain to be injured with such bad timing; or ever. I know how you feel. Hang in there and I hope everything works out for you.
I just have two quick questions. First to Katy, how long did it take you to be able to tumble again at least on a tumble track after you broke your ankle? I know it probably sounds crazy but I'm still hoping to be part of this acrobatic show if at all possible and wondering if could happen or if I just dreaming. I don't know if they'll even want we to perform after braking my ankle on their trampoline. Although they should have had an ankle brace on me like they do when they're training & performing. The second question is just if you all think I'm crazy for still considering I have a chance performing? It just seemed like such dream come true to be paid to train & perform but maybe I should give it up and figure its a lost cause.
You'll just have to take it a day at a time. If you get too anxious you may push yourself faster than your body is ready for. Wait until your cast is off and see how rehabilitation goes. I can't imagine they would fire you before hiring you just because you got injured, but sometimes people can be strange. Do your best to keep your spirit up and yes, keep dreaming and hoping because losing dreams and hopes can adversely affect your healing process. Stay positive and I'm sure it will all work out in the end. :)
last august i sprained both big toes, somewhere else in my left foot, and my achilles tendon - landing short. i didn't have a cast, i just kept it elevated and wrapped, and i got to ice both feet in a giant ice bucket. i was in no rush to get back to gymnastics because wanted it to fully heal. i think it took twotto three months for front tumbling on the tumble track, longer for ro bhs tucks. i did a ro bhs on floor two months ago and there was no pain at all. when i vaulted saturday, there was no pain at all. but i wasn't trying things earlier because it was more important for me to heal.
i don't think that you are crazy for wanting to try it again. how long do you have your cast for? if you are just doing trampoline, i bet a week or two after the cast comes off. as long as it doesn't hurt! right now keep conditioning so you don't lose more muscle.
also, i have an amazing chiropractor that did a lot of kinesiololgy on my achilles and ankle. i think this made a huge difference in the speed of my recovery.
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