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New WildCat

Does anyone know anything about the new Arizona commit - Jillian O'Neal from the Arizona Sunrays? It looks like she will be coming in 2008-09. They must really like her to have offered so early. :)
New Wildcat

Jillian is a beautiful gymnast to watch. We didn't compete against Sunrays during the regular season this year so I only saw her one time at our state championship which I think she won and she looked great. Her bars were stunning! I remember she threw a HUGE tkatchev on bars. She should do great at Arizona.
New Wildcat

Thanks for that. You can never have too many good bar swingers. It's also nice to see that a local talent is staying home. :D
Another New GymCat

Deanna Graham commits to U of A. It looks like Arizona is staying home for its recruits this year. Nice to see that. :eek:
New GymCats

Deanna and Jillian will be great additions to the Arizona team. We have been watching them both during their club career and will enjoy watching them in college.:)
Deanna looked amazing this past season. I haven't talked to Jack recently, but does anyone know where his girls will be going this year?
Hey WildCatFan! U of A has posted their 2008 season schedule on their website. There are going to be some good meets in Tucson next season.
I saw that. It should be an exciting season. I also see that there will be a walk-on for the 08 season. I do not know anything about her, but she is from a good program in Tucson. I also was trying to find out some more info on the new 09 "all Arizona" scholarship recruits, Jillian and Deanna. I checked out the Arizona Sunrays' website where Jillian is at and saw that they have quite a history of great U of A gymnasts going back to Tanya Schneider, hall of famer Heidi Hornbeek, Nikki Beyschau and Stevie Fanning. Nice pipeline for local talent. Deanna comes from a small program in Tucson (but a nice website), which makes her accomplishments even more impressive. Anyway, it will be fun to see all the local girls at McKale.
Pac 10 Parity

In addition to the GymCats, I noticed Washington has been very busy recruiting some excellent gymnasts. I like the coaching staff up there and they should be vastly improved over the next few years. I am a bit suprised to see that the powerhouses UCLA and Stanford are not loading up as in the past. Certainly they are getting some very good gymnasts, but no Carly Janigas or Tashas as of yet. Parity is coming to the Pac-10 and it is about time. I think that Oregon State is the team to beat next year - tons of upper class talent and probably the top new recruit in the country, Jen Kessler, coming in this year. How did Utah, Georgia, etc. whiff on her? WOW! I see Arizona with a good shot at Nationals in 08 and being very formidable in 09 as the team matures and as the new talent emerges. Injuries are awlays the key.
Pac 10 Parity

I agree. The Pac 10 should be very competitive over the next few years. I think Stanford and UCLA did not help their recruiting efforts with their performances at Nationals. This may explain why they have not attracted the superstar talent this recruiting season that they have gotten in the past. They are still pretty good teams though and will be tough to beat.
Jessica Villegas to BYU

I saw that BYU signed another gymnast from the sunrays. Did the Cats miss out on one?:confused:
I think BYU was her first choice and I also think she has family ties in Utah. I remember that she committed to them really early last year. She is a really good gymnast and was probably the top Arizona recruit last year behind Carly Janiga. I don't know if U of A recruited her last year or not.

BTW, where are all the GymCat fans out there??? Are we it WildCatFan???
GymCat Fans

Thanks for that. I guess I always wonder why a gymnast decides to go out of state when Tucson is such a great place to go to school and the team is quite good (I am a biased alum). I know we don't recruit every available Arizona gymnast, nor should we, but we should be getting the top AZ girls like we did this year.

It would be nice to hear from a few more Cat fans. I notice that on other boards, Utah, FL, Georgia and AL sure get alot of support. It would be nice to see the crazyness that surrounds other sports at Arizona like football and, of course, softball (great job girls!!!!) start to catch on for gymnastics. Arizona has always been known as a great sports school and these incredible athletes deserve strong fan support.:D
2 New Wildcats

Two more new Cats for 2008-09 - one from Hawaii and one from Texas. They each appear to be solid performers. Strong recruiting effort this season. Bear Down!:D
New U of A Facility

Any news on how the new gymnastics facility at U of A is coming? I heard it will be one of the best college facilities in the country when it is done. I tried checking their website but it is down.
New U of A Gym

I was at the university a week ago and it is still under construction. It's hard to see what it is going to look like when it is finished right now, but you can see that it will be much larger than before. The girls are working out at a local gym in Tucson right now and I know they are looking forward to getting back home to work out. I am hearing late November.

Go GymCats! :)
New ASU Commit

Rumor has it that Stefanie Hangartner from Desert Devils committed to Arizona State. If true, congratulations to Stefanie. Another excellent local talent for us here in AZ to watch!:D
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