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To all CB parents, gymnasts, coaches, fans...

I am the author of a new book just published on gymnastics. The book is called Gymnastics in a Nutshell and has not been officially released yet (meaning it's only available through the publisher). This is a great book for everyone because it takes you through ALL aspects of the sport. I was a competitive gymnast in Region 5 until I graduated high school. I was a Level 10 for 5 years making it to both regionals and nationals numerous times. I then got a full athletic scholarship for college and started on vault, bars, and floor all four years. After college I became a judge and coach.

Some of the items in the book include competition formats, how routines are composed, the physics behind skills, standard deductions, where the parents fit in, fundamentals of the sport, and for the parents - a glossary! They are selling for $19.95 through PublishAmerica. Check out the official link Gymnastics in a Nutshell.

Also, if you find this helpful be sure to have the owner of your gym contact me and I will set up a clinic and book signing! Let me know if you have ANY questions. I will help in all ways that I can.
Apr 30, 2009
did you take pictures at a gym for this book?
an author came and took pictures at a gym for a book they were writing... and i can't remember the name of the book


Proud Parent
Jul 25, 2008
If you don't mind me asking, did you do gym in Indiana? I looked up your book link, and your name sounds very familiar, like maybe I've seen something about you on the website of my daughter's gym, unless I'm thinking of another Rachel. The book sounds very informative. I might have to check it out when it comes out. Good luck with it. :)
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