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Hi there,
My name is Cassie and I have a 7 year old daughter that is competing level 3 currently. I've read the board a few times but thought I would join to maybe get some tips.
She loves it! Eats, breathes, sleeps gymnastics. She has been taking for 2 years. Hope to learn somethings. Nice to meet everyone
Oct 2, 2008
South Carolina
Welcome! Glad to have you. I am sure you will have lots of fun here. I also recently joined. My DD just turned 6 and is Level 4. She has her first meet next weekend.
Oct 10, 2008
Welcome the the CB, I just recently joined myself, and I love this Forum. Good luck this season with your DD. It's a fast but fun ride!!!!


Hello and Welcome to CB! This board is full of very nice informative parents, coaches and gymnasts ready to talk to you about any concerns, questions etc.

I have 2 gymmies. My oldest is 5 years old and competing Level 3 and training Level 4. She has already had two competitions and has her third one's next weekend. My youngest is 4 years old and in an advance rec class. And they both love love love gymnastics!! And I love seeing their faces when they finally master a new skill. It's priceless!


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
hi and welcome to CB. My DD is 8 and competing level 3. She has had two meets this season, has one tomorrow and one next Sunday comin up.

Good luck to you and your gymmie


Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
:DWelcome! Your dd sounds a lot like mine, 7 yrs old, L3, and gym 24/7/365!!!


Hi Cassie- We also breathe, sleep, and do gymnastics! I have a 9 year old level 7, a 7 year old level 5 (almost ready for 6!) a 5 year old level 4 (So bummed she has to sit on the sidelines and watch her teammates compete because she isn't old enough) and a 3 year old advanced pre-schooler. Welcome to the CB team:)
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