For Parents new classes for both of my little girls- pre-team for the 4 yo and flying solo for the 2 yo

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Feb 21, 2013
Both of my girls started new gymnastics classes last weekend- and it went great! My younger DD went from parent & tot to being on her own with the coach and other kids- she's 2 1/2. Older DD went to a "pre-team" class in the team gym (same gym, different facility very close by)- I say pre-team in quotes because it's open to all girls who are the right age and want to do it, there's no try out. It's at a lower level than what most gyms call pre-team (don't worry, there are 3 more levels to pass before getting to team).

I signed up younger DD for 9am and older DD for 10:15am so that I could sit and watch them both.. but that also means that they each have to sit through the other's class. Older DD (4 1/2) sat on my lap to watch younger DD's class. Younger DD did great by herself, I was so proud. She's been in preschool so I know she knows how to get along and take turns, but I was worried that she would run over to me in the bleachers and not follow her coach. She stayed with the coach though (who is great- she's had her for parent & tot in the past), and when the class was over her face was glowing. Yay!

I was a little worried about older DD. When I pointed out her old coach and the class she would have been in if she stayed in rec she immediately said she wanted to go into that class and not go to the new gym. Uh-oh! She then said maybe she would try one class and go back next week. I pointed out that someone took her spot, and there is no going back (true). Then I told her that it's ok to be nervous in a new class, and that I'm always nervous when I start something new but then I make new friends and learn the new routine and usually I'm happy that I switched. She was the one who insisted that she do pre-team, I initially had her registered in the same 4 yo rec class but she freaked out because I had previously mentioned the possibility of doing pre-team and she wanted in. She didn't want to stay in the same class. So then I switched her, and now she was having cold feet. Uh oh...

Anyway we went to the other gym (same gym, different physical building just for team and pre-team). We got there early and some upper level team boys were working out- we got to watch them doing all kinds of cool things on the tramp and they were doing giants on the high bar. My girls were totally mesmerized. Older DD said "I don't think I can do that" - she seemed worried that she was going to be expected to do flips right away :). Younger DD said "I want to do that" which is what she always says when she sees gymnasts (she is my daredevil). Then some other little girls showed up, and then the coaches, and they lined the little girls up- only 4 of them with 2 coaches- but that's because it was labor day weekend, normally there will be twice as many kids. I got to watch a lot more than I expected because younger DD was mesmerized watching the boys and the preteam class- she doesn't usually sit still and she usually demands my full attention. I thought DD did really well, she was clearly engaged and trying to do everything the coaches told her. She didn't understand everything- I couldn't hear (we were behind a glass wall) but I could see that the other girls were doing things that DD didn't understand she was supposed to do (2 of the other girls were repeating this class- the moms were chatty so I got all the info). For instance the other girls did leg lifts, but DD just kind of climbed up there on the bars and hung, looking around like "what next?" But she was plucky and I could tell she was really trying.. she's a bit awkward and uncoordinated, but strong and very good endurance for her age. I think she's going to make big strides. She was the youngest and the tallest, but that's normal for her :). Anyway when it was over I could tell she was more tired than after the rec class (yay) and she was sooo happy- she exclaimed "I want to come to this gym every time!" She loved the challenge. I'm so proud of her :).

The only thing I'm going to change is to move DD to the 9am class- I won't get to watch, but then I won't have to deal with squirmy kids sitting through each other's classes, and we'll spend less time there.
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