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Hi everyone!
Im Kylie and I was a gymnast myself for 7 years before injuries caused me to give up gymnastics. I was training level 9 artistic before I blew out both my knees. I then joined acrobatic gymnastics but was forced to quit because of a heart condition. I love gymnastics and have always loved it since I started. I have been coaching volunteerily since I was 14 and then started coaching gymnastics camps, birthday parties, artistic levels 1-6, girls beginners to advanced, and acrobatics levels 4-10.
thats about all there is to me

Hi Kylie. Welcome to CB. This is a great site for gymnastics info...I'm sure you'll find it useful. I've been a member here for several months and I love it. :)
Thank you for the welcome :)
there used to be a site called and I loved it but it closed so Im very excited that there is another website that is similar to what that one was. Im sure I will be on here alot!
Mar 14, 2007
Hello there and welcome! Awww I am sorry to hear the site you used to visit has closed down, but I am sure you will love it here!
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