New Coach Who Wants Major Change In the Gym

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Sep 9, 2007
I've just got a new coach, and she wants to change everything. The rule in our gym is that you can throw what you like, but it has to be just about perfect. She wants to change it and wants me to compete moves which I'm training. I've never worked like this and I'm kind of uncomfortable doing it but when I tried to talk to her she said she was the coach and she knew what she was doing. I don't want to create a bad atmosphere in the gym but I really don't like trying to throw things on hard floor which I can't do well in a pit. What should I do? If I leave the gym I leave gymnastics, there's no other one near us. Please help :(. sounds like you've got a sticky situtation, and you have every right to be frustrated and scared. Personally, I do not think gymnastics is about "throwing" skills, it's about training them and learning how to do them correctly. That being said, I agree with you, as a coach and a gymnast, that you don't want to be competing skills that you are not great at into the pit. Perhaps you can try talking to her and saying something like "i know you're the coach and that you "know what's best," but I'm really scared to do this skill and I think I need to do more into the pit or on the tramp (something like that). This way you show her/him the respect that you acknowledge their experience and their decision, but you are also communicating how you feel.

This time, coming from a coach's perspective---perhaps the coach truly believes that you are able to do it on the floor and that it's time to take that step. Sometimes coaches see things that gymnasts can't see, and you have to start somewhere. It may not be perfect when you first try something on the floor--you might fall and not make it, but you have to start somewhere. Also, try asking the coach if you can have a spot or go onto an 8 inch mat if you're not comfortable.

I understand where you are coming from, and I think that the change will take time. I think one of the best things to do is communicate, in a respectful way, with your coach and let them know how you feel about your gymnastics. Also, try not to (and i know this is hard) complain about it to the other gymnasts because then they might feel the coach is crazy and what not (in other words that would be creating a bad atmosphere).

All in all, try to stay positive and take baby steps if needed. Gymnastics isn't just about throwing cool tricks, it's about training your body to perform the cool tricks and being safe at the same time.
Thanks a lot, but I think I'm quitting.:eek: Last night TWO girls broke bones- me included- and another tore her Achilles. We were warming up vault using yurchenkos, without any saltos or anything, which was ok. Coach came up and asked to see layout fulls.
She had already made it clear when we had tried to talk to her about the hard skills issue we did as she said, no exceptions.
I'm not a vaulter. I wasn't even properly warmed up so it was no wonder that I landed awkwardly, but I underrotated as well. Broken ankle.
My mum was FURIOUS when the coach phoned her. We sat in the ER for three hours and I was just about to be seen when another team girl walked in. They'd been doing bars releases, again on hard floor when she wasn't even confident on crash mats. She's now out with a broken arm.
Came home from hospital, phoned the girls to see what had happened (she was pretty shook up, I couldn't get the full story) only to find out someone else's foot slipped when they were taking off for their double back, ended up a torn achilles.

Everyone's parents are absolutely furious. Most of us have done gymnastics for years with only one major injury. I think I'll have to quit, because the time I'll be out of plaster will be exam time and I was planning on taking that off anyway... Mum's not too keen on me going back and most of the teams' parents aren't too keen either. Word is the gym might have to close. I'm just gutted. I can't even explain how angry I am... its like all that work goes to nothing.... I actually just want to cry.
That is awful! I am so sorry for you. Who hired the coach and where did she come from? Those qestions I am sure the parents are addressing. My dd is going to compete 9 in a few months and after all of her work I would be livid! :mad: Again, I am sorry.
Aww man! I am so sorry to hear that you broke your ankle. Don't give up just yet. Seeing that this has happened, hopefully the owner and head coaches will take action to put an end to this. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes bad things happening for something to be changed. I would be furious if I were you and if I were a parent. I'm assuming your mom will be talking with some people higher up at the gym (if you know what I mean). As much as a I hate to say it, maybe it's time to take action as a gymnast--refuse to do skills if you know you're not ready to do them. Take care of your ankle and I hope you'll be able to stay positive. Something good can always happen!
do tell who this coach is and what gym you're at. Sounds like an ego maniac jackass to me whoever they are.
Aw thank you so so much! The coach has been fired now but the word from British Gymnastics is that she's been taken off the list of reputable coaches and she won't be allowed to coach again. The head coach is actually so angry its unbelievable. Apparently the other coach's CV had said she was fully qualified etc but someone said this wasn't actually true but she's left now and she won't be coaching again. :eek:
I'm so glad I found this forum, no one outside of gymnastics really understands what this is all about!!!
Wow...sounds like there was definitly a communication error and lack of background check with that one, but I'm glad to see that everything is working out.
I honestly don't know! I'm completely bored already, but mum isn't too keen and I don't blame her... I'll see how it goes and keep you all posted! Even if I don't go back as a gymnast, I've always thought about taking a coaching course so I'll see how it goes :).
:eek::mad: I'm sorry about your ankle. I wish she had been fired long before all this happened. I would be so angry. Esp after getting on you for not wanting to throw skills you werent ready for. I hope you heal quickly so that you can decide what you want.
Sorry to hear about your ankle, sounds as if this coach was very lucky with the minor injuries that did occur things could have been much worse. A broken ankle is a bummer, but should not be that long before you are up and around again. Maybe talk to your mom about going back to the gym without competing just to keep you involved. Staying in the gym will be the best training to have if you want to coach.
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