New compulsories floor music

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Dec 24, 2008
Who has heard it yet? I really want to but I don't know where to find it. Even though I wont be using it, im just curious. Who ever has heard it, what is your opinoin? Better then the last four years, or worse?

(I've been posting alot of posts lately haha, sorry :p )
My daughter's gym is using the new music and I dislike it. The level 6 is tolerable, but I really loved the old level 6 music. The level 4 music is harder to keep up with and fast in some parts which make it difficult. My daughter is repeating level 4 and she is having a hard time with the new music and she doesn't like it.

Here it is with the voice overs.
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Here is my daughters Critique meet video YouTube - Judges Critique Meet August 2009 and you can hear the level 4 music if you turn it up loud. LOL. The part where they do the handstand to bridge kickover is fast and you have to get back up and ready to do the leap pass which they are supposed to hit the leaps to the music and it messes up my kiddo, she is so focused on trying to hit the music that she misses the leaps. Ugh.
Wow yeah I really don't like the new floor music, like you said the level 6 is okay ish. But yeah the 4 and 5 is like really rushed. I'm glad im doing 7 this year haha. But Abby did really good, her bars are exellent good luck on the rest of the season!
I prefer the old music (good thing, since I coach compulsaries and that's what we're using), but I'm thrilled beyond thrilled that some gyms are using the new stuff.
I don't like the new music very much, and neither do my coaches so our compulsaries don't use it. Some gyms in our area use the new music, so that is good for when you have to sit and watch the meets (my sister is a level 5), you aren't hearing the same music over and over!
The only one I actually could say I like, is the level 6, but it doesn't really matter, because it looks like our gym is using the old music, and I'm not in the compulsory levels anyway
I hate the new music. It is really fast but our HC says that is good because the judges will have less time to mark deductions. Haha.

My DD is L4 and there are parts (like the handstand into forward roll) that are SUPER rushed.

And I think it all kinda sounds like romper room.
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