New Compulsory Floor Music

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The new music is worse than the old music in my opinion at least.
ehh, I don't really like it. I didn't really listen to 1-3 because we don't compete that, and I really don't remember the others. However, the L6 is beginning to grow on me. Anyway, overall I don't really like them.
Awkward breaks and pauses make it choppy. L6 is decent, but I wouldn't bother with switching out the music for L4 or L5 unless it's absolutely driving you crazy as a coach.
Just listened to it and I don't care for the L5 music, but the L6 isn't bad. Don't like the choppiness of the music either.
Does everyone HAVE to switch to the new music? How does that work?
I don't like it at all, so i will continue with the old music. Our gym didn't even tell us there was new music...i just found it on the usag website. I am a level 6, and the current music is MUCH better, in my opinion.
Not open for further replies.