new ear piercing during season?

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Aug 22, 2008
8yr DD has decided that she wants her ears pierced - finally, after talking about it for more than a year. She was convinced by a friend who wants them too. she would prefer stone stud rather than a plain gold.

Problem? Well, DD is just entering her competition season. Is this going to be a problem with uniform rules? I know plain studs are allowed. What about stone ones? Should we get a color that matches her leo or just get "diamond"?



Jul 5, 2007
I did it (although I was 14). It was around this time of year. I got it done at the pediatrician and they had a choice that was medical plastic (very low chance of problems) and the backing went all the way over the sharp part of the back (not like the butterfly backing that leaves the back exposed, this is a square back that completely "snaps" over the end). I wore those at the gym all the time for 2 years until one came out in a car accident, then I never wore earrings at the gym.

Personally I wouldn't wear any with an exposed back at any age. Studs are allowed though (color doesn't really matter). Plenty of girls do it though and there shouldn't be dire consequences but I just never wanted to chance pushing it or brushing it and having it scrape or anything. That's just my feeling on it. You could talk to the coaches, they probably won't mind. I would just get the color she wants, or if it isn't possible remind her she can change them out soon.
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