For Parents New floor music !

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I love her music!! You said she's quite dramatic, so I'm sure she'll do a wonderful routine to this!

I can't wait to see her in action!!

Oh, and I also love the shots of her as a younger gymnast. You can really see how beautifully she's grown and developed her muscles! She just gorgeous!


Beautiful music selection! I can't wait to see her routine! I enjoyed the pictures you shared yor DD is beautiful!


I love the music! Can't wait to see a video of her routine!

I think I saw your dd at the Parkettes summer camp. Was she there with a bunch of girls from her gym? I think some of them stayed with the family of one of our teammates. She's a beautiful girl and will do this classical piece justice!
Jul 7, 2009
Montreal, Canada
Hi Nettyinpa !

Yes my dd was at Parkettes summer camp for a week. She stay with the Berean family and she had a wonderful time. Thank you for the kinf word !
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