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Hi. My 7rd old dd is a level 4 gymnast this year. She is doing well and we are very proud of how hard she works! The things she can do with her body simply amaze us! I am very involved with the parent boosters club at our gym.

I'm hoping this site will help me understand competitive gymnastics more and help me learn how to deal with the parents club.

Hello and welcome to CB! I think you will find this place very resourceful. There are many parents, coaches, and judges willing to help you any way they can.

Is this your dd first year competing? Isn't so exciting to their faces when they learn a new trick! I too have a new level 4 gymmie. She just finished competing Level 3 and is now training for Level 4 this fall. I also have a 4.5 year old in an advance rec class training level 2ish.
I'm sure you can learn plenty of things from this site. :) Maybe learn from other people- that's what I do! Take care!
Welcome! I just joined a couple weeks ago myself. I hope you find it useful. I also have a book coming out called Gymnastics in a Nutshell to be in stores this spring that answers all the questions you might have on how to understand gymnastics a little bit better especially competitive, formats, booster clubs and how parents can help their gymnast. Good luck to your dd!
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