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May 28, 2018
My daughter is a level 6 and is now starting to need grips. She has small hands and just wants to be able to grip the bar better. Some girls on her team are using reisport, hot shots, and gibson. What brand do you prefer? Would you recommend single buckle or double buckle? Thanks!
It's honestly individual preference, but I would suggest either the Hot Shots or Gibson Just Right grips.
Will she be able to buckle them herself tight enough? Single buckle are often easier for a girl to do on her own, but double buckles seem easier to get tight enough because they can do the first buckle... then get the second one tight enough... then redo the first.

Personally, I like velcro, lol.
My dd wears English bulldog kipper grips - she’s been in them since she wore a size 000 - they come in single buckle and Velcro. The kipper grips are very narrow and easy to break in.
My dd wears reisport with buckles. She also has small hands. She has been wearing OO almost since she started gymnastics. Her coaches have never been a fan of the velco - as the kids often adjust too many times.
Agree that it is individual preference. Mine wears hot shots (single buckle) size 0. Coaches were trying to get her to switch to reisport this summer (this seems to be the brand that many of our upper levels use) but she really likes to feel the bar and felt the reisport grips were too wide to do so. She tried a couple of practices borrowing reisport grips from a friend in another level, and wasn't a fan. So she ended up with her 3rd pair of hot shots.... will stick with them for at least this season (L7).
Mine wears double buckle US glove. She was told what brand to get by the coach and absolutely no velcro is allowed.
MIne is 11 small and wears English Bulldog grips, double buckle because they have two palm widths. With her small hands, she prefers the thinner palm area.
My daughter started with the English bulldog kipper single buckle. Those wore out and now she wear the Bailie single buckle grips. Like the others have said its preference. My daughter prefers the single buckle because it’s quicker and easier for her to put on.
Not open for further replies.