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Hi from Montreal, Canada

You have a great site here. My daughter is 6 years old and she has been in gymnastics for 3 years. She loves it so much that I needed to educate myself on safety measures, because she is always wanting to practise at home with me.

She is presently Defi 2, which I have no clue what level that would equal in your U.S.A. level system.

Thank you for your wondeful web site, I enjoy reading about everyone accomplishments and how hard everyone works at achieving their goals in gymnastics.
Feb 26, 2007
Hay there,

Welcome to the Chalkbucket. I am from Mont Tremblant, so we are not far from each other.

Your DD, darling daughter in board speak, would be about a L3/4 in the US, though the skills really are different.

The US doesn't have system like Defi. In Defi training the focus is on strength and body shapes leading to more complex skills. Defi also focusses on the very young gymnast, which the US system does not. Defi is a programme that will lead into the Provincial or National streams of gymnastics.

In the US every gymnast must progress through the levels, begining at Level 5, in order to reach the higher levels, this is not the case in Quebec.

If you want to know anything about the Quebec system just ask me. My girls did not do the defi system as they are in a very small club in the boonies!:D I have one girl,12, in the Civile system and one girl, 9 , in the scolaire system.

Hope you enjoy the board, even though most of our parents and coaches are from the US we have quite a number from other countries. The systems are all different, but the issues are the same.



Welcome, dinop! I hope you will enjoy it here! I think you will! :)

As you have already read in Bogwopppit's post, we have some very well-versed parents, moderators and gymnasts from Canada, so you can't go wrong! :cool:
Hey Dinop!

Nice to see more Dad's join the fringe. Even though this particular site is decorated to a more feminine appeal (Have you've noticed it's all Pink??), You'll find a good number of males here too. Coaches, fathers, and athletes alike. (Someone's gotta keep all these woman in line right?) :)

Being in the same catagory as you, somewhat new to the sport with a L3 daughter that loves to do gym...anytime or place she can; I can honestly say you've come to the right place.

You'll find lots of helpful information here. Coaches that answer direct questions (can you imagine?) Parents that share thoughts honestly, and Gymmies that constantly amaze.

Welcome, and don't be a stranger.


P.S. "Hey" is the U.S. equivilent to the word "Hay" in Mont Tremblant, Canada. :D (just teasin Bog)
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Welcome to CB:)! This is a great place to share and learn (and of course, get a few laughs:D). My dd is training level 5 at this time and is 10 years old. I also have an eleven year old son, not in gym though!

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