For Parents New gym update: thank you so much for your advice!

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Proud Parent
Jan 4, 2016
Y'all… Thank you so much for all of your advice during our Abrupt transition from Our last gym! My daughter went to her first full practice last night. She is typically a very 5 year old, Who does not do well with change… And I felt horrible for having to change it from our last gym so fast, but knew it was necessary for her safety. I expected her to be shy, a little withdrawn, spaced out and not focused, exhausted, And I wasn't so sure how she would like Going from one hour to two hours, and adding in stretching and conditioning...I figured She may be apprehensive at first, and it may take a couple of weeks to get used to Since she was making a few big changes at once.

Oh. My. Gosh. Boy, was I ever wrong! This girl warmed up so fast to her teammates, and was having a blast with them at practice. It was so awesome to see my shy little girl suddenly have this new confidence and smiling and having the time of her life! She was so focused, and I could not believe how hard she was working, while having a blast. And, it turns out that she talked more about the conditioning and stretching than she did about the actual gymnastics! I was laughing so hard, Because she kept telling me how the exercises made her muscles feel So good because it was making her strong, and then she asked if daddy ciuld "build her a rope!"And then she begged me to let her coach me when she got home… And she did… She took me through all of her stretches and exercises! She was bouncing off the walls all evening and said she never ever ever want to go to any other gym and that she wants to stay here for forever!

Anyways, I know every day is not going to be this wonderful, and there will be hard days, days were she is tired, etc. But, I am just so pleased that we found a gym that I feel like she can really relate to the girls and coaches, she feels challenged, and was just having fun. And looking around the gym, i coukd tell a huge difference in the form of all levels. Who knows where gymnastics will take her, but I know she will gain so much from being In a group like this… I think my favorite part was just seeing how well she handled the challenge, change and the increase in her confidence.

I so appreciate y'all's advice and support!!!


Proud Parent
Dec 31, 2010
Region 8
That's great news to hear! It sounds like your dd is in a much more positive and safe environment and yes, even kids can tell these things. Glad she loves it!


Proud Parent
Feb 16, 2016
That is great news! I'm glad she had such a positive response to disruption - that has to feel like a huge weight lifted for both of you. I'm also glad you have a realistic outlook and know that the "honeymoon phase" will fade.
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