New Gymnastic Mom from Quebec

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Proud Parent
May 9, 2009
Hello Everyone,

I am the pround mother of a 8 year old gymnast named Megan. Presently she is in a program call "defi" in the level 5. (don't know which level it is in the state). Since the age for competition in Quebec is 9 year old, she will be doing competition only next year. Can't wait.......:)
Feb 26, 2007
Hi there,

I am from Quebec too, I have two girls, 9 & 12, the oldest was in P2 Novice last year but has now gone back into the Circuit Regional due to injury and needing to cut back her time in th egym. The youngest did CR3 Argo avance last year and may do P2 Tyro next depending on the summer.

As Defi 5 your girl will probably start in P3 which is about USAG Level 6 or 7.

Nice to have you join us here, we have quite a few Canadian members.

Even though our system is different to that in the US, many of the issues are the same, hope you fin d this place helpful.
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