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Hi There Just Wondering My 7 Year Just Started To Compete About 2 Months Ago. She Has Only Been In Gym For About 3 Months And Is Amazing. I Wondered If There Is Anyone Out There That May Have Exsperience With This Might Lend An Email.....thanks Melissa:)
Welcome here. There are quite a few moms here, so you should find some connection somewhere. I am not from the USA myself, but I like being in touch with moms too.

What do you mean with if anyone has experience with this might lend an email? Do you want to get in touch with people or do you mean with your daughter being amazing, if anyone else's daughter is amazing?:D All our daughters are amazing, lol. But it sounds like your daughter must be a talent, if she has only had lessons since 3 months and is already competing. What level is she doing?
welcome melissa,

This is a great board to get a ton of insight/info - I know it has been great for me. Sounds like your daughter is talented:) what level and or skill is she competing?
Welcome Melissa-
It sounds like your daughter is doing great! Can't wait to hear more from her 1st competitive season.
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