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I am new here. My daughter is turning 10 the end of October and is a second year level 4. She has had two meets this season and is doing well. She was actually moved to level 5 earlier this year, but due to a merger with another gym (new location, new coaches, new kids) and starting thyroid hormone medication, she was very stressed out and asked the coach if she could compete level 4 one more year. I am very proud of her making that decision. Her best event is floor and her weakest event is beam. She has made some great improvements on beam (9.275 last meet). Her first meet this year she did a great bar routine, and then at the end she landed, took a couple steps back and fell on her butt! She was disappointed, but ended up getting a 9.0 and first place on bars!! Her team is doing awesome - took home 1st place trophy last meet! I work full time and also have an 11 year old son, so our life is insane, but never boring!!! I look forward to hearing from other parents!
Hello and Welcome to CB!

It sounds like you have a very mature, level-headed 9 year old in your hands. It does sound like she is having a very successful L4 season. I have two daughters. My oldest is 5 years old and cometing Level 3. She has had 2 successful meets so far(4th AA and 3rd AA). I also have a 4 year old in an advance rec class.

I think you will find this message board full of very nice helpful gym parents. There is a wealth of information here. Hope you enjoy and have fun! I know I can't stay away...heehee:D
Hey! Welcome! I have a daughter who is competing Level 4 and will turn 10 in January. This is her first year doing gymnastics (did all-star cheer for 3 years) so it is all new and exciting! My son is 6 and takes classes at the gym. He is more of an adventurer--loves skateboarding, scootering and rockclimbing. See ya around the CB!!
Welcome :) I have 3 kids. My 11 year old was a level 7 gymnast until a few days ago when she decided to give competition cheer a whirl (lots of posts all over the place about the ongoing saga that led to it). My 10 yo dd plays soccer and is in a musical theater company and my 6 yo ds plays ice hockey (and drives my nuts - but I wouldn't have it any other way).

I'm sure you will love it here - there are so many wonderful people on this board. In the past few months they have definitely helped me hold onto whatever little sanity I had left.
Hey, thanks for the reply, and welcome to gymnastics! My daughter and I both have fun with it. I still hold my breath when she is up at competition!! There are cheer classes at our gym. One of the cheer caoches took my daughter out and did a few tricks with her (threw her in the air and caught her and held her up on his hand). She had a blast! It scared me to death! My son likes to ride quads and play guitar. Good luck to your daughter!'ll learn a lot here at the CB! :D Can't wait to hear all about your dd's progress this year!
Welcome to the CB! When is your DD's next meet? Repeating level 4 this year should be great for her self esteem. It will give her a chance to build confidence, polish up her routines and have some fun. Best wishes to your DD. Keep us posted on her progress.:)
Hi and welcome. sounds like your DD will have a great season. I have a DD who is 8, she is doing 1/2 season as L3 (she did 5 meets last year as L3). She has all of her L4 skills and will move up in January and she is excited about that. She had her first L3 meet of the season on Sunday and took first place AA :D - was her best meet ever, all scores in the 9's and first on all except floor which she took 2nd. She also plays soccer, had her first game Tuesday night - lost but she had 5 saves (out of 8 coming her way) in goal - which I thought was great since she had never been in goal before.

I also have a DS who will be 12 in 3 weeks :eek: he has just started middle school - loves it - and is into XBox 360, legos and reading. He will be trying basketball this winter.

I also work FT during the day, coach a couple classes at the gym 3 nights a week. and oh, I'm always tired - not sure why :p

anyway - welcome I think you will enjoy it here at CB
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