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Hello all, This place is awesome! I can't believe I am just finding you all! My daughter is now a Level 6 after being told she would never make "competitive' gymnastics. She started 4 years ago this coming Dec. and loves every minute of it.
Welcome! I also have a Level 6, we don't start our competitions until December. I'll look forward to seeing how the season goes for your dd. Has she had a meet yet this year?
I coach Level 6. Welcome to The Chalk Bucket. Don't forget to tell your friends about us.
Welcome! :wave: This is a great place. Especially for moms like me that have 6 year old Level 4's, gearing up for their first meet. Hope to see you here often!

Level 6 is a real toughy.

Tell you dd good luck and don't get to bogged down with scores - they will be the toughest that she has seen to this point.

My dd is a Level 7 and where we live she is in the middle of her competition season right now. She will have States in January.

Welcome aboard....
Welcome! You'll love this site! I wish I had known about it when my dd was a level 6. Speaking of which, we have our best gymnastics memories from level 6. Enjoy, and let us know how she does!
Welcome. I just got out of level 6. The scores can be significantly lower than what you would often estimate-especially bars, unless you actually hit the cast requirements. Have lots of fun though. I'm glad your dd loves the sport!
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