New here! Disability gymnast, hello!

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Dec 21, 2014
Just wanted to say Hello to everyone, I'm new to CB but have looked at many forums online in the past.

My really name is Tasha but everyone in the gym world calls me Sharky.

I am a British disability gymnast (I have a rare mast cell condition which amongst other things makes me allergic to exercise).

I am the current National Champion and I am now training to compete in the Echo Arena, Liverpool in March.

I have been doing gymnastics for nearly 12 years (I'm 19) but only switched to disability this year after my diagnosis in May 2013.

So yeah, hello everyone!
Hi, nice to meet you. My oldest dd (11) is a disability gymnast from the UK, she has competed in the Poole Open for the past 2 years, taken her first NDP Grades in Leicester New College this year (Grade 8) and taken part in the Special Olympics launch for our County. My Dd's disability is physical.

My dd was going to go and train with the National Squad in Novemeber for experience but this was cancelled due to changes being made to the disipline.
Not open for further replies.