New here from NY!!! *waves :D*

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My name is Theresa, I live in southern New York.
As my username states:p, I am a Jonathan Horton fan!
However, I am a fan of gymnastics, since 1996 and used to train in artistic, but
injuries forced me to leave the sport but not stop my love for it!
Some of my favorite gymnasts:
Mohini Bhardwaj
Justin Spring
Blaine Wilson
Paul Hamma
Svetlana Khorkina
Marian Dragulescu
Diane Dos Santos
and many more!

My favorite apparatus is High bar and for women it's beam!

I am a graphic and webdesigner and currently have two gymnast fansites open:

I hope to create more fansites or even work on official sites for gymnasts in the future.

I am a fulltime college student majoring in Visual Arts or Early Childhood education - not sure yet! I love to travel and my favorite place to go is Hawaii. :D

Thanks for reading



mohini has such edgy gymnastics, i think she's great too :)

welcome to the site, it's awesome (for the katrillionth time hhaha)
Not open for further replies.