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Proud Parent
Jun 6, 2008
I just found this site and I love it. My daughter is a power tumbler and competes USTA & AAU. You can look at videos of her on youtube if you want to see more of what power tumbling/trampoline is about. Search videos under sethandjadensmom. This is the closest thing I could find, and I am a former gymnast. I am from Iowa, home to soon-to-be Olympian Shawn Johnson! We just love watching her. My daughter met her last October when Governor Culver proclaimed Shawn Johnson Day here in Des Moines.

We have Family in West Central Iowa. Des Moines is a great town, but I cannot believe the I Cubs stadium is under water!

I hope are well in Des Moines!
Welcome to the chalkbucket!

I know a bit about powertumbling. I competed when I was younger but when I switched gyms I had to choose between it and gymnastics and I chose gymnastics. I loved it though.. and still love to tumble. I also have a friend that competes pretty high up in the sport and she's about 16.

Well i'm Tori and i'm a former level 10 gymnast, now diver.

Hope you enjoy the chalkbucket!
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