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Hey all, Lance Corporal Jasiulek of the Marine Corps here. For a while, i've been interested in Gymnastics, but never acted on it, not sure why. But now that I'm in the Corps, I've lost a lot of my old interests, and am gaining new ones. One i believe is gymnastics.

I'd really love to learn to do gymastics, like go to a real academy and take classes from a coach, and dedicate my libo (free time) to gymnastics.

But i feel i may be too old to really pick up gymnastics. Im in pretty good shape. I PT (physical train) everyday. Usually involving morning (6+ mile runs or some circuit course) and evenings (alternating between powerlifting and swimming/biking/circuits).

Im 20 years old, and would really love to pick up gymastics and dedicate time to it.

In November, our unit goes to Cuba til around March, so I'm thinking about using almost all my free time in Cuba to condition for gymastics. Does anyone have suggestions for that. Basically suggestions for a person who is brand new to gymnastics. I need and must learn the fundamentals before I can move on. What fundamentals can i train for myself, like stretching and such, and are there any good articles/books/guides to do this?

Appreciate your time.
Hey there,

Welcome to the Chalkbucket. I am sure you will find lots of great advice and help here. I am going to copy your post into the coaches forum, as I think there it will get more attention from our very knowledgable coaches. We have many mens' coaches who will have lots to say I'm sure.
Not open for further replies.