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Hi, my name is Jen and I have 2 girls, Sarah (9) and Emily (7). They both do L2 Allstar Cheer, but just started gymnastics for fun (I consider is great crosstraining!). They are considered Elite, which is a non competitive class. They are learning cartwheels on beam, jumping to high bar, handsprings on floor (though mine have multiples b/c of cheer so they are learning tucks), etc. They both love it a lot and I love watching them learn new things! It's a once a week, 1 1/2 hour class.

Already Sarah is learning that gymnastics is rougher than it looks, after getting an iron sized raspberry on her thigh from the beam one day, and some sort of burn thing on her groin from the bars. She's treating them like badges of honor, proving how "tough" she can be.

I love reading these boards, and learning the "lingo". this really is a whole new world!

If you want to see my kids, I have some videos on youtube.
Welcome to CB.
I remember when i had my first fall on beam...ok no i dont. Only the most recent one. I think the beam was worse off than me :p. anyway i think it's great that your girls love it!
I hope u like the CB

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