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I'm the mom of a college gymnast. We made it through 15 years of club gymnastics and are enjoying the college scene. With my experience helping my daughter through the recruiting process I decided to help other parents and gymnasts too. I have helped over 130 gymnasts in the last three years with recruiting. Let me know if I can help you too.:)
Oct 1, 2007
Campbell, CA
Floor routine


I'm a gym dad with an eleven year old daughter entering level eight. It is already 10/1 and my daughter's coach has not chosen any music for my daughter's routine or choreographed the skills and dance with the music. I am beginning to feel a bit anxious as our first meet, Judges Cup, is 12/9/07. What is a typical amount of time needed to choreograph and learn a new floor routine? Am I panicking unnecessarily?

My daughter is going to TOPs Nationals on 10/5 and has been very busy preparing for that. I can anticipate that her coach will cite this as a reason for delaying work on the floor routine. However, none of the other girls on the level eight team have their own floor routines yet and they haven't been busy working on TOPs. Is the coach being negligent?

Sincerely, Tuduri
Jul 12, 2007
Welcome joclubmom - I am sure you will be an excellent resource for the parent/gymmies here at the CB:wave: - nic
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