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Hello peoples! I am new here and was wondering if anyone on this site has advice about how to do a good back tuck.... I was learning them when I had to drop out of gymnastics classes. Thanks!:)
New To Competitive Gymnastics

Hello Everyone,
My daughter is 6yrs old and on a level 4 gymnastics team. I am so new to this competion thing and it is already driving me crazy. I feel like I am becoming consumed with this and I don't want to become one of those mothers.
What can I do to not get so caught up and also not to put too much pressure on my child? :eek::eek::eek::eek:

Hello Everyone,
My daughter is 6yrs old and on a level 4 gymnastics team. I am so new to this competion thing and it is already driving me crazy. I feel like I am becoming consumed with this and I don't want to become one of those mothers.
What can I do to not get so caught up and also not to put too much pressure on my child? :eek::eek::eek::eek:

I really think that you should have posted on your own thread so that you can get the most responses to your question.

Quite honestly, I think you can't help but get caught up in the sport. I am consumed by it, but you can be consumed and not become one of "those moms."

My dd is in the gym 20hrs a week. We talk a lot about what is going on, she is there too much not to talk about it. I watch as much practice time as I can, but I do not stay the whole time - I might stay for 45 minutes in the beginning and then come back an 1hr early to watch the end. I have recently become a meet director for our gym and am very involved. BUT, there is a difference. I know when to bite my tongue. I do not approach the coaches about anything (unless I feel her safety is being threatened.) Don't worry about putting pressure on your child because if she is anything like the gymnasts that I see at dd's gym they put enough pressure on themselves. I never buy scores either. Dd is out there for herself and I will never say if you get this score, I will buy you a new leo or whatever. That is just adding more pressure, because these girls want to please. I see this all the time and I for one will not play that game.

Make sure that regardless of how she does, that you support her and be her mom. Tell her she did great even if she falls. You will come to realize that there is a love-hate relationship the girls have with the sport. When they are getting all their skills - they love it. When they are struggling with a new skill - they are frustrated and may say they hate it (but that changes the minute they get the skill.)

Welcome to the wacky world of gymnastics, if you use your common sense you will survive and not fall victim to the "those moms" syndrome!
Welcom Flipforme#1. Hopefully someone, a coach, can reply to your question regarding the back tuck.

Totally Alsum:

My daughter has been in gymnastics now for about four years since she started on the recreational side. She is now 11 and in level eight. Whether it is the sport or something in their own character, gymnasts tend to be perfectionists and demand a lot of themselves. The sport itself is very difficult and the gymnast does not need anymore pressure from a parent. So don't be too obsessive. Reign yourself in a bit. I try to be emotionally supportive of my dd and encourage her to be the best she can be and just have fun. I rarely ask her in detail about the different skills she has learned or is trying to learn. I generally ask if she had a nice practive, anything new... Of course if she wants to volunteer something, I listen.

If your daughter does not enjoy gymnastics, she won't be willing to put in the effort to acquire new skills and get better. If she can combine the hard work in the gym with friendship with her teammates, having fun, etc, she will be less likely to complain about any diffiiculties or even be conscious of all the hard work she'll need to do to improve her skills. Don't necessarily expect her to be great. Even if she doesn't become a great gymnast, she can through gymnastics gain valuable qualities such as determination, resilience, focus, patience, etc, etc. This will, in the long run, make her a big winner.

But you also must train like your daughter. To be a good gym parent, the skills you need to master are patience, restraint, discretion and so on. Be supportive, encouraging, etc. Don't push too much. Don't put pressure on her. Don't let her see you ....sweat.

Good luck,


Welcome...for backtucks: Just don't try to learn it in your yard or something like that, it is so easy to get hurt that way. At a gym build up mats so you can jump up to them onto your back in a tuck position, that will help your set. I would go back to your gym at like an Open Gym or a camp or something like that.

To not get caught up in the sport, just let your child have fun and don't become one of the "gym moms". My parents are really involved but they don't push me. My parents have been in the sport for 10 years and aren't caught up in it. They follow gymnastics and stuff like that but they don't push me or anything like that. Just let your child have fun and encourage your child!
I had my back tuck from standing but lost it when i left.... I would never try it in the yard and I don't even have a good spotter but thank you anyways

We were rookies this year. My dd is 6 years old and just ending her first competitive season Level 3. It is true what everyone is saying here. Mac LOVES gymnastics ALL the time and it is amazing to me how much determination and drive she has to master new skills. Also, how much restraint she has and focus and respect for the coaches to do what they ask of her, especially since she started this journey at just 5 years old. For instance, she has been able to do a round-off and 2 backhandsprings for over a year now, but that is not in the level 3 routine, so she pays attention and tries to improve her NOW skills and is vERY much looking forward to level 4 starting right after Christmas break. L4's DO get to do a roBHO.
There have only been 2 days in the last year and 3 months that she "didn't want to go to gymnastics" and BOTH times, after some prodding, then finally listening to her and letting her sit out, she ended up with a temperature and sound asleep on the couch before 5 PM.
They know their little bodies almost unbelievably! They know what they are capable of and what they need in MOST cases.
Listen to her, let her talk to you and just ENJOY the journey! We have had so much fun with our little lady this past year it is almost unbelievable! If she were to quit tomorrow, it has been well worth the money, time, miles on my car, everything it has taken to get through this year. (But I would CRY secretly! LOL! if she quit!)
Have a GREAT experience!
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