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Hey all, just wanted to introduce myself and my gymmie. My name is Trish and my dd is 9(just turned in August). She will compete this season as a Prep 2, hopefully level 7 before the en of season. She needs giants on bars, backhandspring on beam, and better layout on floor before she can compete 7. We live in Tn and she was the state beam champ for level 4 & 5. Our gym doesn't compete 6, they have the girls score out. So for those that are not familiar with Prep Op, Prep 1 is a little like Level4, Prep 2 is between Levels 5 & 6 and to do Prep 3, you have to have done level 6 or scored out of it. DD is close to getting all the skills needed to do level 7 but they all take time to get. I've read alot of the posts on here before and find them very informative, so I thought I would join so that I could post on here.



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Jul 12, 2007
Welcome Gymnellie - The CB is a great place, I am sure you will enjoy:D

For Prep op, do they get to pick their own music?


Yes, they do! My dd is using Monster's Inc. , it's really cute. She likes doing Prep op because everything is her's. Nobody's routines are the same, just like optionals!


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Oct 12, 2007
San Francisco Bay Area

I'm the mom of a now graduated L-10 college gymnast. I wish your daughter well. It will be fun to see her advance through all the levels. Good luck this season! BSU Fan :D


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Nov 5, 2007
Gymnellie-this is great,my daughter used Monsters Inc last year.Good luck.
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