New Ideas??? (for preschool gymnastics)

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My name's Melissa and I've been coaching for 11 years- everything from preschool to elite. Right now, I'm running my own program at the local Y (which I love doing, don't get me wrong!). I have four classes 2-3ys, 4-5 ys, 5-6ys, and 7-9ys. The only equipment I have is:
One 3' high, 8'long beam; 1 single bar (5'wide, gets up to 5' tall); 4 panel mats; 1 wedge mat; 1 "mailbox" mat; 1 12" landing mat that folds on both ends to form a 2' tall square; 2 mini trampolines; 1 set of foam stairs; and 1 springboard (for up to 70lbs). Oh, and the class meets in a small room with a tile floor, so the panel mats are used mostly for padding. My vault is the folded up 12" mat.
I do stations where I give the children simple skills to do on 3 events and I spot the 4th. I move if I'm needed to spot something else, but typically I'm not.
I guess I'm just looking for some creative ideas for skills beyond the typical preschool/recreational skills. I feel like I've exausted my resources and I'm still lacking.
I'm trying to do weeks of lesson plans (forward, backward, upside down, twisting, etc.)
I would love any ideas you have for me!
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Feb 22, 2008
Omaha, NE
I wrote out a reply and then it disappeared...sorry if this is repetitious! Anyway I was going to say that we are also in a very small space (800 sq feet) and have limited equipment. I have found that using props really helps my preschool program (through age 5). For example this week our theme is "Bugs and Butterflies" Here are a few of the stations:
1. Pick a butterfly (printed off computer and laminated) then run up the hill and down the hill making it "fly"
2. Put pictures of ants on a wall. Hands on the floor and walk the wall like an ant with the feet
3. I found large plastic bugs at Walmart and we are jumping over the bugs (careful not to squish them!)
4. On a wedge stretch like a butterfly and do straddle rolls
5. Crawl through the tunnel like a centipede

We also go to bars but I won't bore you with stations. That gives you an idea of how we use props. If you have any questions let me know!


I've never thought of bugs and butterflies as props... I use teddy bears, jungle animals, and beanbags right now, but that's a great idea to incorporate...THANKS!!!
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