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Hi All. I'm the Dad of a 13 year old Level-9 and an 11 year old level-6. Last night, for the first time in her life, my L9 said that she didn't want to do gymnastics anymore. This is coming from a girl that has been a gymnast for 10-years, trains 6-days per week and lives gymnastics. Although I didn't tell her, I am devastated. I don't know whether to let her quit or to work through this tough time. She loves her gym, her coaches and her team mates. I told her that she could train fewer days for awhile and she said that if she trains less, she won't be as competitive and would rather quit. Any ideas?:confused:


I wish I had some words of widsom for you. My dd is only 6 and a Level 4. Did she give you a reason? Did something happen at the gym or at school to make her feel this way? Maybe she just needs a break? That's a shame, especially for all the time, money and effort put into it. See if she can give you a valid reason? Maybe see if she'll stick it out until the end of the season and then see how she feels? :confused:

Good Luck!


Gymnastics takes a great deal of commitment. At 13 years old, your gymnast may have the perception that she is missing out on a lot of other things she could be doing with her time, like sleepovers, going to the mall, hanging with school friends, etc. She is just starting to spread her wings. She also may have reached a plateau (which all gymnasts do from time to time), and feel like she can't get any better.
I would point out her successes and love of the sport. If she feels like she wants to quit, I would support her decision. After taking a break for a while, she might realize how much she misses it, and want to come back. I've seen this happen many times.
Whatever she decides to do, she has gotten an enormous amount of good things out of her gymnastics experience, like physical fitness, self-respect, and goal realization.
I wish her the best regardless of her decision.
Aug 3, 2007
I know exactly what you are going through. After spending a lifetime in the gym, my daughter, very close to the same age and level as yours, made the same decision. It absolutely broke my heart. She went on to do other sports using the skills she learned from gymnastics, and at the end of the summer decided that she loved gymnastics the best. But, didn't want to commit to being in the gym 20 hours a week. So, now she is on the high school team and is loving it. It's quite a bit different, but she loves having the free time to concentrate on school and especially to "have a life". She hasn't had her first meet yet, but will soon. Maybe then I'll change my name from gym-no-more to something else. My advice is to support her in whatever she wants to do, but insist that she stay active. She really needs that. Good luck! I'm sure it will all work out!


We went thru something similair this fall with my 12 yr old. As much as she loves gymnastics, her gym and the friends she has there, she wanted to cheer for her school. Fortunatly we have a great head coach who understands the needs of teens to socialize with girls outside of the gym. We've had to extend DD's time at the gym to compensate for being late because of the cheering at school, but it's all worked out. If I were you, I'd ask your daughter if the real problem is that she wants to do things with her friends at school, and then see if there's a way for that to happen and her still be able to compete. My DD was willing to give up gymnastics just to try out for cheer leading, because she didn't think her coach would allow for both. Communication betweeen me and the coach has allowed her to do both, and she was 2nd at states doing both, which just shows it can be done. Ask your daughter if there is something she's wanting to do instead of gymnastics, then see if it your gym can work with you on it. Sounds to me like she's wanting to be a part of the friends she has in school.
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