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Aug 22, 2008
HI Everyone!!!
I am so excited to have found this great site. I am Michelle mom to Mya who is 6. We started gymnastics August 2007 when Mya was 5. We had never done it before and we just moved to NC and she always showed skills in gymnastics. Her arms are so strong and she taught herself cartwheels and round offs so she was doing great. We brought her to a Rec 1 class and it had only 1 other girl in it (it was summer our gym is slow in the summer for Rec Classes) They were with her for 1 hour and the instructor came out 1/2 way thru and said where did she take gymnastics before? I said no where. Next thing the owner of the place is coming over to see her, 2 other coaches and one of the coaches comes over confirms it is her 1st time in a class. I said yea. She said look your little girl is going to move up fast. :DI was so excited Mya was like cool mom!:cool: So they said we only have 1 other girl in this class lets keep her in this Rec 1 Class so she will basically have 1 on 1 training with a coach and we will place her in the fall. So in the Fall they said she can't compete until she is 6 so lets put her on pre team we have 3 other girls on the team. Well Mya did great on pre team and the team grew to 7 and this summer they asked us if she would like to along with 4 other girls move up to Rookie. She starts competing this January and basically they explained it to me Rookie is similar to a level 4 and that she was a level 3 so this is a movement up but she can make up her own routines. She is working on the level 4 floor routine, mastered the vault and the balance beam.
Any advice for me on the competitions? She says she wants a trophy I don't think she realizes that they are going to score her and she might not always get a trophy. She isn't shy but I wonder what it will be like with all eyes on her. She has done exhibitions before and did fine with those.
Welcome to CB. We are also in NC. My DD will be competing either L4 or Rookie in January as well (head coach has not decided which to do yet) she will be doing L3 this fall season and move up in January.

She may or may not get a trophy but will most likely get a medal depending on the meet. Most of the meets give an All-Around medal to every girl (or almost every girl). Some give them to every girl for each event as well. They only compete against their age group and level pretty much. If she is 6, she may only compete against other 6 yr old Rookies or she may be in a 6-7 or 6-8 age group. That really depends on the size of the meet and how many girls of each age. So you can have several All-Around, Beam, Bars, Floor and Vault champions at each level depending on how many age groups they have. Usually the 1st place AA for each age group gets a trophy everyone else gets medals.

Do you know what meets you will be going to yet? I don't have our Spring schedule with me - but it is posted at the gym.

I would also try to take her to some meets to watch the L4's if you can. It will give her a good idea of what to expect.

Hope you like NC. We moved her 2.5 yrs ago from VA. We love it.
That sounds awesome! How great for your daughter.

I know that I can be quite shy, but gymnastics helped me discover how much I love performing-to have people watching me. I even did cheerleading at my high school until a freak accident and unmotivated teammates led me to stop. Maybe she'll find out she really likes it too! Now that I'm older, I picked floor music that gets the whole crowd involved(Tainted Love) so I can have more eyes on me.

About the trophies...the other parent was right. Just make sure you praise her for doing well and tell her if she keeps working hard she could earn one of those cool trophies one day.

Welcome to the chalkbucket! :)
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